Amanda Prohaska
               Ms. Morrow's 3rd Grade Class

¡Hola! I am so happy to be back for my fifth year teaching your children Spanish here at MPA! The last four years have been so wonderful your children continue to surpass my expectations!
I visit K5-3rd grade twice weekly for 30 minutes and 4th- 5th grade once a week for 40 minutes.  Lessons are centered on interpersonal, presentational and interactive activities. I like to make my teaching engaging for your child, so interactive activities and games are integrated into all of our units. In each lesson, we cover greetings and phrases, vocabulary and basic conversation. We also work on: grammar, vocabulary, tenses and sentence structures. 

This year I will be emphasizing even more the importance of speaking in the target language by encouraging your students to practice their Spanish as much as possible. You can find the document of useful phrases that I hand out to your children every class by clicking right here.

While teaching your children Spanish is my priority, the objective of the Spanish program at MPA is more than just exposing them to the language. Every class will be learning throughout the year about the Hispanic culture and appreciating all the richness it has to offer.

Being Colombian, I know from first-hand experience how beneficial knowing a second language is. Observing the benefits from teaching Mount Pleasant Academy’s Spanish program has brought a new level of appreciation on how influential and stimulating learning Spanish is, especially for the young mind!