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Welcome to Hook's Hideaway!

Homework is posted each day in the class for our students. 

Please reference this site for upcoming events and school activities.

Things to Remember

**Social Studies Chapter 2 TEST is Thursday, November 5th. Study guides were sent home last Thursday. Please fill out with your student and review the material. If the study guide is signed, 5 BONUS points will be added to the final score.

** Field Trip forms were sent home. We will be going Downtown Nov. 11th to tour the Old Exchange Building and other sites. Student fee is $4.00.

**AWARDS CEREMONY is Thursday, November 6th at 9:25 in the multipurpose room. 

**Keep an eye out for the 4th Grade Play information.It will inform you of the role your student has, their script, and the costume needed. 

Math: We are reviewing place value with whole numbers while introducing the tenths and hundredths place. We will be comparing decimals and seeing how they can also be represented as a fraction. TEST Friday, November 6th.

Math Stars extra credit is due Friday

Science: We have jumped right in with our Animal Studies Unit. We will start with living vs. nonliving, plant classifications, and then move onto animals.

Reading: We are reading The Earth Dragon Awakes  this week. It is a historical fiction based on the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Open book TEST is Friday, November 6th. 

We will also be making dioramas in Social Studies class. The students have been assigned their groups and regions. Keep a lookout for your students packet. It includes their procedures and rubric. This is an in class project. Any items you can send in with your child that will help them create their diorama, is greatly appreciated. Some examples of items: shoe box, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, tape, craft sticks, fabric, yarn, leaves and sticks from outside, and construction paper. 

We will finish up these projects and presentations hopefully by next Monday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at