A. Clark

All About me

Welcome to Mrs. Clark's fourth grade class page!

I graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Elementary Education.  I have taught the 8th, 5th, and 4th grades.  This is my 13th year at Mount Pleasant Academy.  I enjoy having the privilege of teaching the children and families of Mt. Pleasant Academy.  My husband, Andy, is an architect, who designs schools among other types of buildings.  I have two daughters.  Anson went to Mt. Pleasant Academy and is now in the 8th grade at Moultrie.  Ella is in the 3rd grade at Mt. Pleasant Academy.   

Contact Information

Email: allison_clark@charleston.k12.sc.us

Phone: (843)849-2826

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:25am-3:30pm

This Week's Updates & Assignments


Columbia field trip money is due February 23.

Friday, March 9 - AR due for 3rd quarter (special genre biography)


Wednesday - Spanish  Test

Thursday - DOL Quiz, Spelling

Friday - Pirates of Sandy Harbor, M4T Quiz

next week:

Tuesday - Fraction Test

Wednesday - Science Test


Thursday, February 21

Reading - Cloze with page numbers,  Read Pirates (if you didn't last night), Test

Math - front and back just the even of pizza sheet. Problem Solver due!, M4T Quiz

Tuesday, February 20

Reading - On the Trail sheet

Math - My Math p. 541-542

Spelling - Crossword

SStudies - wbk p. 148-149* for a grade/ due Thursday

Monday, February 19

Reading - Inference sheet #3

Math - My Math p. 522

Spelling - Write each word 3X each

 Wednesday, February 14

Math - My Math p. 515

Spelling - signed pre-test

Tuesday, February 13

Reading - Boy Compliments, One Man Band Inference sheet

Math - Multiplying Equivalent Equations

Spelling - Crossword

 Monday, February 12

Reading - Girls Compliments on notebook paper (specific, personal, positive)

Math - Equivalent Fractions sheet side 488

Spelling - red vowels, blue consonants on nbp

SStudies - 13 Colonies sheet, Quiz tomorrow - Spelling counts!

 Thursday, February 8

Reading - Dear Mr. Winston questions, Test!

Math - Problem Solver due, M4T Quiz

SStudies - 13 Colonies on nbp, Comparing the Colonies sheet due *for a grade

Thursday, February 1

Reading - Story Map, Test

Math - Problem Solver, M4T Quiz

Science - Cover/uncover side 1 and 2 due tomorrow (you did side 1 last night)

Spanish - Quiz, Crossword

Wednesday, January 31

Reading - Read story

Math - Correct Fraction Concepts #4, if needed

Spelling - signed pre-test, Test

Writing - DOL Quiz

SStudies - wbk p. 100-101

Science - Cover/uncover on notebook paper side 1

MAP tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 30

Reading - Dear Levi last journal and notebook due, All other novels have already turned in their journals

Math - Fraction Concepts #4

Spelling - Crossword

SStudies - Test!
wbk p. 100-101 for a grade due Thursday

 Monday, January 29

Reading - Novel notebooks/ packets are due (Dear Levi - due Wednesday)

Math - Fraction Concepts #3

Spelling - Write each spelling word on notebook paper - red vowel/blue consonants

SStudies - Study Guide

Thursday, January 25

Reading - Novel assignments (Dear Levi - read through pg. 100, Corey's Read and answer questions p. 74-83

Math - Problem Solver due, M4T Quiz

SStudies - Roanoke sheet *for a grade

Monday, January 22

Reading - Novel assignments

Spelling - Write a sentence using each word on notebook paper

SStudies - A Dangerous Crossing *for a grade (due Wednesday)

 Thursday, January 18

Reading - Novel assignment

Math - Both review sheets (multiplication and area/perimeter), Show work on notebook paper, Problem Solver, M4T Quiz, Mutiplication/Area/Perimeter Test

Spelling - signed Pre-test, Test

Wednesday, January 10

Math - Complete the Multiplication Investigation sheet